All products come in boxes of 6 and we can supply either direct or via our wholesalers who are listed below.

Please contact us on 01935 892430 or email for a pricelist and minimum order quantities.

Diverse Fine Foods

Hodmedods (Apple Balsamic Vinegar and Apple Syrup only)

Palmers Brewery (Vodka and Dessert Cider only)

Nectar Imports (70cl Vodka)

Master of Malt (both trade customers and retail, Dessert Cider & Porter’s Perfection Vodka).

Fine Food Angel

Porter’s Perfection Vodka (40%)

Made with Porter’s Perfection apples, neutral wheat grain spirit, local spring water and botanicals. Available in three different sizes: 70cl, 35cl and 10cl.

Liberty Fields Dessert Cider (7%)

This come in a 345 ml bottle, and is made solely from the apples grown in our orchards, with no additives, chemicals or sugar. Because we use no fining agents, it is naturally cloudy and can throw a slight sediment.

Our URN AWRS: XLAW00000103365.

6 Year Old Apple Balsamic Vinegar

This comes in 2 sizes, 40ml and 100ml. Made only with apples, it is matured in barrels for 6 years and is gluten-free.

Liberty Fields Apple Syrup

Dorset’s answer to maple syrup, made 100% from the apples grown in our Dorset orchards. No added sugar or sulphites. We carefully select the varieties from the orchards which provide the exact balance of sweetness and flavour.  Gluten free. 260g.