Using Apple Syrup in Cocktails

A few ways of using the Apple Syrup in cocktails, all beautifully created by Lloyd Brown of the Grey Bear Bar Company.


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Liberty Mojito

In a Collins glass muddle 3/4 of a lime chopped up, with 15ml Apple Syrup, top with crushed ice, a spank of mint and 25ml each of Porter’s Perfection Vodka and Liberty Fields Dessert Cider, churn, top with more crushed ice and lashings of ginger beer for the perfect West Country take on the Cuban classic.

Apple Bramble

Styled after the bramble by the great late Dick Bradsell, this one is perfect for autumn evenings. In a cocktail shaker mix 50ml Porter’s Perfection Vodka and 25ml fresh lemon juice, pour into a short glass filled with crushed ice, slowly pour the Apple Syrup over the top and garnish with a slice of apple.

Espresso Martini

A really simple and easy espresso martini. 1 serve of espresso, 1 serve of Porter’s Perfection Vodka, and half a serve of Apple Syrup.

New Old Fashioned

One for the whiskey fans who are tired of the hangovers the following day, add to a mixing glass filled with ice, 60ml Porter’s Perfection Vodka, a dash of angostura bitters and 15ml of Apple Syrup, stir for thirty seconds and then pour over a large block of ice in a short glass. Perfect.

Cold Brew Martini

Shake hard together with ice, 25ml Conker Cold Brew, 25ml Porter’s Perfection Vodka and 10ml of Apple Syrup, strain into a martini glass.