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Pete donning his shades in the hope of some sunshine between the showers



May 11th 2014

Welcome to my Tour de France Blog.  This summer my brother-in-law, Martin Bate, and I have set ourselves the challenge of riding the complete route of the this year’s Tour de France.  We start in Leeds on Friday 4th July and, if everything goes to plan, will ride into Paris on Saturday 26th July, ( a mere 2185 miles later).  Having talked about doing this for a number of years, I can’t quite believe it’s actually happening – both really exciting and somewhat daunting.

So – how is the training going so far??  Since the New Year I have been slowly increasing the distances of my training rides, (including cycling more of the route between home and Ali’s parents in Wantage on each of our monthly visits).  Last month I cycled from Wantage to Stourhead in 4 hours, non-stop, fuelled by Ali’s homemade flapjacks.  My nutrional advisor, (the horse specialist vet down the road), says that the best source of energy for endurance is oats!! The flapjack recipe has recently been adapted to include liquidised bananas and raisins for extra stamina, (a tip from Hazel, recent new staff member at Phoenix Books, whose husband runs a cycling team).

My plan is to add to this blog every week up until the Tour starts, and then to hand over the blog baton to my back-up team, (members of The Fox Inn Cricket Team, Corscombe), who will keep you up-to-date with our progress each day.