Plastic Free – 18 April 201820180418_115712.jpg

Like many people, we’ve been looking at the amount of plastic we use in our business and trying to work out the best way to reduce it. We’re looking at a number of different ways of tasting our products at shows and in shops, as well as thinking about ways in which we can encourage customers not to want plastic bags when they purchase.

Our first change is that we have sourced new tops for our bottles. Currently most of them are cork, with a plastic top, but we are now swapping (whenever possible) to cork with a wooden top.  It’s a small step but hopefully only the first of many.

Dessert Cider from Liberty Fields – 12 April 2018

We’re really proud of Liberty Fields Apple Aperitif. At shows and tastings, it’s nearly always our most popular product – people love the unique taste, the fact that it’s made purely from Dorset apples, as well as its versatility, especially when they learn that you can drink it neat or mix to make a longer drink.

However, over the last couple of years, we’ve received a lot of feedback from shops and customers saying that they find the name confusing. Sometimes people don’t know an apertif is, when to drink it or what to do with it.

We want to make it easier for everyone to enjoy it so we’ve taken the decision to change the name to

Liberty Fields Dessert Cider

This – we hope – clarifies that it’s something which is a brilliant accompaniment to puddings, cake or mince pies, or a plate of cheese (as well as a drink that you can combine with spirits, prosecco or mixers to make a longer drink). And it’s only 7% alcohol too.

It’s the same product that customers love when they try it, it’s made in the exact same way, the packaging is exactly the same – it’s just the name that’s changed!

We’re currently making the 2016 Vintage (that’s using apples picked in Autumn 2016, gradually heated to concentrate the flavour and sweetness, then slowly aged in barrels for an extra depth of flavour) so this seemed the perfect time to launch our new name.


We held our first community Wassail on Sunday 22 January 2017, and we were so pleased by the response and the turnout. With a competition for the best decorated hat, song and music provided by the Ridgeway Singers, a fabulous warm punch created  by Lloyd Brown, bonfire and a rocket, we did our best to drive the evils spirits out of the orchard and to help this year’s harvest. Some great coverage of our first Wassail (January 2017) in our local media, including the Blackmore Vale and Dorset Echo.

Liberty Fields wins BBC Good Food Show Bursary Award
14 October 2015

Liberty Fields, who make unique apple-based products on a farm in West Dorset, has been judged to be ‘one of the most deserving small independent food businesses in the country’ by the BBC Good Food Show. They have been awarded one of the highly coveted Producers Bursary Awards and will now be exhibiting free of charge at the BBC Good Food Show at Olympia in London from 13-15 November. London Bursary

Vicky Morland of Liberty Fields said, ‘We are incredibly pleased to have been selected as one of only 24 producers in the country for this Award. We’ve had a lot of fantastic support locally from retailers and shoppers, but are thrilled to have the opportunity to take our Apple Balsamic Vinegar and Apple Aperitif to a much wider market. As a new business we’ve been looking at ways to reach more people but have been constrained by our budget, so The BBC Good Food Show in London is the perfect opportunity to show food lovers what we do and tell them our story.’

All entries to the Bursary Scheme are tasted at the BBC Good Food Test Kitchens by a team of experts, including Barney Desmazery, Food Editor BBC Good Food, Holly Brooke-Smith, Staff Writer BBC Good Food Magazine, Miriam Nice, Food Writer and Katy Truss, artisan food specialist for the BBC Good Food Shows. This year there were hundreds of entries to the Scheme, all of a very high standard, showcasing the great range of food and drink producers in the UK.

Katy said, ‘The judges were all eager to open up the bottles of Liberty Fields Apple Balsamic and Aperitif and what we discovered inside certainly lived up to expectations. We all loved the products and at the end of the judging session we were all keen to take home the left overs!’