Low alcohol Dessert Cider Cocktails

Dessert Cider – all the taste, less alcohol

Looking for a low alcohol cocktail option for your bar or to serve at home? Liberty Fields Dessert Cider delivers big flavour with only 8% abv, and can be combined with mixers to give a variety of delicious but low-alcohol options. Some excellent suggestions from Lloyd Brown of the Grey Bear Bar Company.


Melplash Mule
50ml Dessert Cider
25ml lime
Dash of sugar syrup
Top with fiery ginger beer

Palmer’s ginger beer works well here. Build in a glass and stir to combine ingredients, garnish with a piece of candied ginger.

Summertime Special
50ml Dessert Cider
50ml Fevertree Sicilian Lemonade
50ml Fevertree Elderflower Tonic

Mix in a long glass, over ice, with a sprig of mint. Long, refreshing, perfect on a hot day.

Apple Fizz
50ml Dessert Cider
25ml pasteurised egg white
25ml fresh lemon juice
10ml sugar syrup

Shake all ingredients with one ice cube, strain into a large coupette and drip angostura bitters as a  garnish.

Basil and Strawberry Smash
50ml Dessert Cider
3 hulled strawberries
4 basil leaves
Dash of Liberty Fields Apple Balsamic vinegar
15ml lime juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into a long glass filled with crushed ice and top with a dash of soda.

Apple Fever
50ml Dessert Cider
75ml Fever Tree Sicilian Lemonade

Simple and delicious. Can also be served with a scoop of good lemon sorbet.

Beet It
50ml Dessert Cider mixed with beetroot and ginger juice

A zingy and earthy cocktail that catches the eye!

Liberty Belle
50ml Dessert Cider
75 ml soda water, slices of  apple and a sprig of thyme

Serve over ice in a long glass.