Serving suggestions for Balsamic

For 6 Year Old Apple Balsamic Vinegar
You only need a very small quantity of balsamic for all of these suggestions. It’s better to start out with a little, and add more, rather than having too much! The long neck of the bottle helps you to pour out a small quantity each time. You can either use it in cooking, or as a standalone ingredient. The general effect of using aged balsamic in cooking is to give an extra dimension and ‘lift’ the taste of a wide variety of different foods and sauces.

  • Goats Cheese, Pear and Balsamic Salad (with thanks to Tim, at North Perrott Farm Shop) A very straightforward but tasty salad. Combine slices of soft goats cheese with slices of ripe pear, and then add a drop of balsamic. Top with half a walnut and serve with some rocket.
  • Seared Scallops with Balsamic. Serve on a bed of rocket, with some hot crispy bacon and crumbled toasted hazelnuts, and a couple of drops of balsamic. Try it with oysters as well.
  • Baked brie. Take either a whole brie, or a slice of it. Preheat the oven to 190c and place the cheese on a baking tray. Bake for 10 minutes or so, then add some balsamic on the top.
  • Something Else Fishy in Milborne Port serves beetroot gravadlax with balsamic drizzled over the top.
  • If you’re making risotto, try an Italian trick – when the risotto has finished cooking, add some balsamic vinegar, just before serving. Works particularly well with a mushroom or leek risotto.
  • Add  to sauces, stews and soups at the end of cooking.
  • Steaming or stirfrying shredded spring greens or kale? Add some balsamic and stir through.
  • If you have a glut of courgettes, try this simple but effective recipe. Slice the courgettes into long strips, about half a cm thick, and brush with olive oil. Place under a grill or on a griddle, turning once, until they are cooked. Then drizzle over some balsamic and serve when cool. Also works with aubergines.
  • Use it as a dipping sauce with a  good olive oil, with raw vegetables, breadsticks or bits of pitta.
  • If you have some good prosciutto or a hard goats cheese, a couple of drops of balsamic alongside it will bring out the taste.
  • Another Italian suggestion – to go with soft fruit such as strawberries, peaches or watermelon, Just sprinkle on a drop or two. Or you can make refreshing salad of watermelon, feta cheese and balsamic.
  • And the most traditional Italian way of using really good balsamic – drink a teaspoonful a day to cleanse the palate and freshen the tastebuds!