Apple Syrup Serving Suggestions

July 2017

We’ve got a number of lovely local chefs testing out our Apple Syrup for us and creating some great recipes which we’ll post here shortly. Our serving suggestions so far are:

  • Drizzled over Scotch pancakes
  • Mixed with lemonade to create a non-alcoholic Summer Cup. Use 1 part Syrup to 5 or 6 parts lemonade, add ice, cucumber, and mint to garnish
  • Mixed into rice pudding
  • Use to create a marinade for pork
  • Poured onto vanilla ice cream
  • Stirred into creme fraiche, serve with apple tart or meringues
  • Use as a sweetener in hot drinks
  • Make an oil free dressing, by mixing Apple Balsamic and Syrup at 50/50
  • With muesli or granola
  • With French toast with crispy bacon
  • Add to flapjacks
  • Mix with soda water or sparkling water at 1 part of Syrup to 5 parts of water
  • Drizzle over oven roasted vegetables (parsnips, carrots, courgettes)