Hooray for another rest day

The professionals had a much harder time of it today on the stage we did yesterday, finishing in torrential rainstorms and with the wind in their faces rather than at their backs.  We were very happy to have a lie-in and a rest day while the thunderstorms moved in.

A westerly wind is not really what we want for tomorrow’s long stage but it looks as if it won’t be as strong.  We plan to start early, (7 am), to give us as much time as possible to complete it.

Good to have an uneventful day.  Matt fixed my bike, we got our clothes washed, dropped Matt and Alistair off at the airport in Nimes and drove to Carcassonne where we met up with Andy and Rachel again.  They are kindly stepping back into the support team for part of tomorrow before Mark and Georgie arrive.  Hope all goes smoothly tomorrow as we might be short of support depending on how soon Mark can join us.

We have 3 Mountain stages to tackle over the next 3 days.  Tomorrow’s stage is long as well as testing, but the other two are shorter which means we should be able to pace ourselves, (or walk up some of the climbs),  if we’re feeling tired.  After that we  have one more long flat stage, a 54 km time-trial and then the ride into Paris.  Just have to focus on one day at a time – each turn of the pedals is getting us closer to the finish…



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