Bastille Day – and our first rest day!

Monday 14th July – Rest Day

Alistair and Matt flew into Basel last night so there were 6 of us to pile in the van and head off up one of yesterday’s climbs to spend some time as Tour spectators instead of participants. Returned to one of the roadside spots where I tried to shelter from the rain yesterday – at least  I had time to identify it as a good place to watch the race. Thanks to Matt’s practical skills we made a bivouac structure to shelter under, (it was still raining). 

It’s fair to say that Alistair’s presence on the trip is fuelled far more by a desire to support  Pete and The Fox Cricket Club than by any sort of enthusiasm for the Tour itself.  When asked if he was enjoying the experience he said ‘So far I’ve stood in the rain for 2 hours while passing cars throw things out of the windows at me’.  He obviously didn’t appreciate the Tour souvenirs which the rest of us fought over. (This morning we acted as a pretend crowd in the hotel carpark so that some of the souvenir team could practice lobbing things at us…). Alistair was even less impressed when a truck came up the hill with a water cannon on the back – the purpose is to spray the spectators and cool them down – and he was the only one of the party to get soaked.. Was very good to relax for the day and have a laugh – the latter never in short supply when Andy and Alistair are around.

We managed to persuade someone in the hotel to wash all our kit for us.  Did attempt to say ‘don’t put any lyrca items in the tumble drier’ but not at all sure this was communicated successfully.  Hope we don’t return to miniature versions of our cycling gear. 

Radio Solent rang again, this time to conduct the interview with me for broadcast on the breakfast show tomorrow, (Tuesday).  I think you can ‘Listen Again’ so hopefully some of you will catch it on the Radio Solent website.  


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