Tour de France now in France!

Stage 4  Le Tourquet to Lille

After the atmosphere and excitement of the UK stages it was a complete contrast today to cycle on quiet French roads with nobody much about.  Also, the first day without any rain – hooray for that!

Best part of today was when a tractor with a trailer full of cauliflowers pulled out in front of me and I was able to follow in it’s slipstream for more than 5 miles.  The farmer was driving slowly to ensure none of the vegetables fell off the back and it was the perfect speed for a following cyclist.  I had to pedal a bit going uphill, but on the flat it was effortless riding.  Best to make the most of those moments when we’ve got mountains to climb in the coming days.

Horrible finish for the back-up team, navigating their way through Lille and out into the suburbs the other side but great to find that the hotel we booked was open (!) with a friendly welcome. Very traditional Logis with Madame doing the cooking, the waitressing, the front of house and everything in between.




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