Final Stage in the UK

Stage 3  Sunday 6th July – Cambridge to London

Oh no – woke early to pissing down rain again and this time it didn’t stop

by the time we headed out to Parker’s Piece for the start.  Great to have a

send-off from Catherine, our friend from Norwich, and her two girls, Tia and Erfina,

(hope the rain didn’t ruin your straw sunhat Fi…).  Gareth kindly cycled out to

Trumpington with us to get us on the right route – then it was follow the arrows

to central London!  A much flatter and more straightforward Stage today which was

a relief.  A lot less razzmatazz about the Tour in Cambridge but by the time we got

to Essex we were joined by lots of other riders, (including two gentlemen on Penny

Farthings!).  Very big thanks to Rod for joining Ali at Chelmsford to help her navigate through

London and to the Mall for the finish.  We were ahead of schedule for the first time and

whizzed through Epping while our back-up team were there having a picnic, after which

they couldn’t catch us up due to the heavy traffic.  The route took us through the Olympic

park and round in another random loop before we were able to ride triumphantly down the

Mall.  No chance to rest though, as we then had to get going in the van for the Clacket Lane

Services to pick up Andy and Rachel, our back-up team for week 1 in France, and then on to

catch the ferry to Calais.  Left Ali at the M25 services, (Eastbound), to find her way back to

Dorset!  Met first big hitch on our arrival at our hotel in France, (at about midnight), to find

it was closed…. Visions of all kipping in the van had us on a keen hunt for alternative

accommodation and by 1pm we had found a hotel with self check-in.  Great relief all round

until we paid our money, and waited for the reciept to spew out of the machine with the

entry codes on it and discovered that it had run out of paper….. Rang the emergency number

but got no reply.  Now what??  We were making enough noise that the hotel manager woke

up and opened the window to ask what we were doing, and he was able to get us access to our

rooms – finally to bed at 1.45am.


1 thought on “Final Stage in the UK

  1. Mr and Mrs Vet

    What no lactic acid walk..?.???? Sounds as if you’re coping ok without it but it will make a difference to those early morning legs. Well done boys keep it up. Your Trainer (and the YTS boy) x


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